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Here at GCO we believe in delivering more and more. So the most reliable expert name when it comes to consultancy is Green circle Organization

Gco always offers free consultancy that is not only detailed but also expert advice .

Nothing beats experience and we have decades  of experience.

We are not only the largest moringa growers but also Pioneer in kitchen gardening.

Our strong sense of connecting with client projects means that we are trying to provide solutions, even for issues they aren’t yet aware of.

We always try to ensure value even if the clients budget is tight.But we know that things change, and we are constantly striving to adapt and improve.

See  in the testimonials below what people are saying  about us.



I am so happy to hire consultancy services of Green Circle Organization. They are not only professional people but also very simple and straight forward people. The President of GCO Mr. Shafiq is very humble and down to earth person. I am hopeful he will make my farm profitable.

Haji Yousaf
Haji Yousaf Bedian road farm Owner Village Keel

I have bought moringa powder from GCO team member Iftikhar Shab. He told me how to use it. The moringa powder helped me greatly with my knee pain. Then again when I went to buy powder of moringa leaves then Shafiq Sahb gave me one bottle of moringa tablets free and asked me to update their team regarding the results of those tablets. I took 2 tablets daily and Mashallah with in 15 days I was 100% cured from knee pain and my diabetics also was in control. I highly recommend Moringa tablets only by GCO.

Mrs Rehman
Mrs Rehman Housewife

I am thankful to God that I met the president of GCO in a seminar on food security in Islamabad. I already heard about Moringa but didn’t know the details. After discussing with Rana Shafiq I found that I could grow Moringa on my 6 Acre land near Okara and earn easy income after some time. The entire staff of GCO helped me in the preparation of land and plantation of moringa saplings. I have earned my first income from Moringa leaves last month and I am motivated enough now to expand moringa cultivation on more land. Also I am thinking of developing my own moringa products. I am so thankful to GCO particularly Mr. Shafiq and I hope they will also cooperate with me in my future ventures.

Rana Gulzaar
Rana Gulzaar Government Employee

I am familiar with Mr. Rana Shafiq for the last many years. And I am a big admirer of his dedication for agriculture. Recently I have partnered with him for moringa plantation (hundreds of acres) at Hatri near Hyderabad Sindh. I am quite impressed to discover his skills and his grip on details. This is just a start and I hope that this partnership will prove to be a good start towards a more prosperous business.

Saddam Shah
Saddam Shah

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