GCO has established a small-scale working model of intensive and sustainable agriculture in the target area. This model is an exhibit of:

  • Cultivation of off-season alternative crops in heated tunnels;
  • Seedling nurseries of horticultural plants;
  • Agro-forestry which includes border planting to conserve irrigation water through the cultivation of indigenous trees and plants; and
  • Cultivation of indigenous fruit-bearing plants and trees.

Kissan Nursery (1996-97) supported by Punjab Forest Sector Development Project for:


  • Plantation of 100,000 trees in area
  • Awareness for community on environmental importance of trees and their benefits
  • Improvement of environmental conditions
  • Provision of cheap indigenous fruit (lemon, kachnaar, beri, amla, lasura, khatti) to community, which besides providing nutrition also has medicinal value.


Plantation of fruit trees: (1995). GCO’s initiative undertaken through the organization’s resources for growing Guava fruit. It is cheap and good for stomach ailments. The tree grows readily even where the sub-soil water is not of good quality. As a result of this initiative, almost every household of the community now has a guava tree the fruit of which is available to them.


Establishment of a Kitchen Garden in a Community site of WWF in Pindi Rajputan; (March 2000-July 2000).Supported by WWF Pakistan particularly for:


  • income generation to women of the area
  • The successful implementation of this project and its income generation aspect will lead to enhanced interest in the establishment of kitchen gardens in the low income suburb and ultimately it will serve as the provision of organically grown vegetables and it will save much money for these low income families.
  • Establishment of kitchen gardens on roof tops and in the courtyards will lead to plantation which will have a positive impact on the environment

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