Through DRCEP supported by SAP-Pakistan, GCO implemented program in District Okara. GCO established Tehsil focal groups, which include, Teachers, Labor Leaders, Journalists, Lawyers, NGO representatives and people from other fields.

Micro Credit Program (MCP)

Under this programme GCO has implemented an Micro Credit Programme for small & landless farmers.

To date, 40 community-based organizations representing

villages have been established and committees former for the allocation of credit. The first installment of credit comprised of wheat seed, Urea, DAP and Potash had been disbursed for the cultivation of 1000 acres of land in October 1999. In this installment 267 farmers operating 750 acres received complete package of seed and fertilizer while 100 farmers cultivating 250 acres received partial package i.e. only seed or fertilizer. These farmers include 33 women farmers and 5 farmers belonging to minorities.

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