1.GCO conducted research on the traditional uses of Moringa

2.Identified best local species of Moringa

3.Providing seed and seedlings at Moringa Resource Center

4.Developed a Special Mother Plant

5.Developed mother plants for seed and root stock

6.Raised plant nurseries in partnership with farmers

7.Provide seed and seedlings for Moringa plantation to various farmers in Punjab and Sindh

Processed Moringa products

  • Leaf powder(Moringa tea)
  • herbal mix
  • Pickle from roots
  1. Campaign and networking
  2. Provided stake holders of Moringa a platform
  3. Launched outreach campaign for
  • fedral (Ministery of Climate change)
  • provincial departments (forest)
  • farmers association (PKI)
  • research Institutions
  • allama Iqbal Open University
  • islamic International University
  • national Agricultural Research Center
  1. Developed literature in Urdu and English.


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