Perceiving the critical conditions prevalent in the agricultural sector, GCO feels that there is a need to discuss all the aspects related to this sector, to evolve solutions and disseminate information to all concerned parties. These include:

  • NGO working on the issues
  • Government department related to agricultural development
  • Farmers and agriculturists, etc.

With this objective in mind, an extensive program titled “Agriculture in 21st Century” was designed and launched. To achieve the objectives of the program it was planned to conduct lectures, discussions, practical workshops and trainings etc.

The program offered its services for all interested individuals and groups. Following are the major achievements of the program as yet.

  • Practical workshop on income generation through Horticulture, which focused on Plant Nursery Management.
  • Seminar titled “Lectures on Irrigation in Pakistan”.
  • Practical training workshop on Kitchen Gardening with the collaboration of National Agricultural Research Council (NARC).

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