Its 5th of October the ideal season for Moringa plantation.  GCO never miss a chance to promote Moringa. This time GCO decided to benefit people by offering them free Moringa plants. Not only this but the entire team of GCO went out and plant Moringa in many surrounding houses near GCO office.


The plants were around 4-5 ft each.   People not only cooperated with us but when we told them about the miraculous benefits of Moringa plants then they also thanked to us.

Though the Sun was hot but the entire activity was fun and excitement. Planting trees become more awesome when Mr.Khursheed (the very first tree was planted at their home) voluntarily accompanied us and introduced us to even unknown people. This made the entire process of planting trees easier.


GCO will not stop this good work but will soon expand it to other areas.


Mr. Ifikhar Butt

Zindagi Sultan






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