Mr Shafiq And Mr Irtza went to Islamabad on December 7, 2018 to follow up the recent running projects in Hyderabad, Thatta and the surrounding areas.

GCO initiatives and Partnerships in Sindh

For your quick reminder the following is the detail of projects currently running in Sindh.

  1. Moringa Plantation in Hatri, Sindh, with Saddam Shah
  2. Moringa Nursery in Jamshoro, Sindh
  3. Establishment of Nursery in Hyderabad Cantonment
  4. Moringa Plantation in Makli, Distt. Thatta, Sindh
  5. Establishment of Nursery in Makli, Distt Thatta, Sindh
  6. Moringa plantation in Garo, Keti Bandir, Distt Badin, Sindh

After a tiring long journey a proper rest is utmost important but Rana Shafique and Irtza Rana both are iron men and don’t believe in wasting precious moments of life.

They visited a couple of nurseries and checked the condition of plants grow some more seasonal plants and flowers.

GCO team also attended some meetings hence the day was hour to hour packed but they finally succeeded in stealing  some time in the night for a nice dinner with Mr. Masood Lohar and other friends at Hyderabad Gymkhana.

I will keep posting updates of their Hyderabad visit until then enjoy the pictures.

December 8,2018

Expansion of Nursery with Moringa Saplings



December 9,2018

Moringa plants cutting at UNDP Office for moringa Powder and Moringa Tabltes. Rana Shafique supervising the whole process.

GCO team visited Art and Culture University at Jamshoro Sindhu

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GCO team visited Dr Fatah Daodpoto Land at Jamshoro

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Meeting and Briefing to GCO Team

December  10, 2018

Let’s Move To Makli Sindh Now

Rana shafiq and team  visiting Patoki nursery at Thatta

As you know Patoki is the largest network of nurseries and plants in Asia so this newly established nursery at Thatta is named Patoki nursery.

Then the next step was to check the progress of moringa plantation at Makli and making Land for Next Moringa Plantation with GCO Team.

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First Time in History Inter-cropping with Moringa

The credit of Inter cropping with moringa totally goes to GCO (Green Circle Organization). GCO has successfully experimented ladyfinger with moringa. Now also doing experiments with melon and other fruits and vegetables and soon you will see details too.

This is just the beginning and we are happy that our progressive thinking has motivated and encouraged many others to do more experiments in inter cropping with moringa. This kind of healthy competition will led to profitable agriculture for Pakistan.


See you tomorrow with more updates in Rahim Yar Khan.

December 11, 2018

With such a busy schedule who has time to eat?  But our hosts were very caring. They arranged yummy lunch with relaxing environment. We also chit chat a lot and exchanged ideas. That was a really cool. Have a look at the pictures.

After having a nice lunch now back to work.

Kisan Ittehad Meeting

In the evening GCO team attended the Kisan Itahad Meeting at Rahim Yar Khan. Mr. Shafique also delivered an impressive speech.

And right after that meeting there was another important meeting with Mr.Liaqat Arain at 5.37 pm





December 12, 2018

Return to Home

Mr.Shafiq Rana  and Mr. Irtaza Rana has safely returned to Lahore. Remaining details of their visit to  Sindh will be shared by you in a separate post.


A few more beautiful moments from their Sindh visit are  here.

Friends get together at desert at Rohi (Rahim Yar Khan) 

GCO Team Visited at Hashim Goth Mir Azmatullah’s farm in Sindh.

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