The Green Circle Organization is a non-profit organization established in 1990. It was registered with the Social Welfare Department, under the Social Welfare Agencies Ordinance in 1994. The mandate of GCO is to work for the achievement of food security through the development of a sustainable and organic system of agriculture and the socio-economic uplift of marginalized rural communities and agricultural poor in Pakistan.


GCO envisions development as a multi-dimensional process and all aspects have to be considered in order to achieve a lasting and sustainable change. An important aspect of such a change is the formulation of people friendly policies at the national governmental level and the amendment in the existing policies. Hence policy level advocacy is imperative to communicate the micro level problems of the rural population to the policy makers. GCO looks to bring about a sustainable change which necessitates to pressurize the policy makers into adopting policies supportive to the people and not to the ruling elite as has been the case up till now. Linkages need to be developed with government and non-governmental organization and efforts must be made to involve them more directly in the development process initiated by the government.

Mission of GCO

Achieve food security through the establishment of a sustainable and environment friendly agricultural system in Pakistan. This system is to be based upon a synthesis/integration of the indigenous knowledge and traditional agricultural practices of local farmers and the modern and scientific methods of cultivation applicable to our part of the world.

Empower the marginalized sections of the rural and urban population through their capacity building to enable them to organize themselves into groups for collective action leading towards self-reliance and empowerment.




To introduce modernizing agriculture through innovative, sustainable and environment friendly agricultural technology with emphasis on organic agriculture to increase yields and alleviate the poverty of the small farmers.

To uplift the socio-economic aspects of the deprived sections of the community especially women, without distinction of caste, religion and sex etc.

To promote human rights awareness among the women, men, and youth belonging to low income areas.

To put forward participatory process and cooperative actions by providing social and technical guidance to uninitiated community groups for sustainable development and environment conservation.

To seek out sustainable solutions to the perking problems of the peripheral community groups through research and experimentation.

To support and strengthen voluntary organizations in Pakistan working through participatory process of development to respond to the expressed needs of their communities

To enhance basic health standards by different Health Education Programs.

To rehabilitate and converse natural resources to ensure the sustainable development of agriculture

To impart training and support of local human resources for devising and implementing development projects and programs

Our Address

141 Eden Cottages Phase 2, Lahore Cantt


GCO works for the following programs with the communities, local, provincial, and federal governments, national and international donors and organizations:


Sustainable development (Agriculture, water, land, forestry, etc.)


Human and Institutional Development


Formal and non formal education


Preventive health, health hygiene

Community physical infrastructure

Hand pumps, street pavement, biogas plants, lining of watercourses

Community mobilizations

Formation of COs, CCBs, networks and forums

Micro enterprise development

Micro credit, micro finance