Drumstck-pickle RECIPE 2


Drum Stick Pods Pickle Seasoning Pickle   Sohanjna/moringa drumstick pods is considered to be very beneficial in the month of March. Many things are made from this, but now make it a tasty pickle. Moringa Drum Sticks Pickle: Necessary Ingredients 300 grams drumstick pod 1 teaspoon asafoetida (If you cannot find […]

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New Year, New Goals, New Hopes

As you all know that Mr. Shafiq was in Karachi to attend an important meeting.  According to the initial schedule he was supposed to return on the 3rd of January 2019 but due to some important new ventures he has decided to stay there a little longer. Let me quickly […]

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December Visit to Hyderabad

Mr Shafiq And Mr Irtza went to Islamabad on December 7, 2018 to follow up the recent running projects in Hyderabad, Thatta and the surrounding areas. GCO initiatives and Partnerships in Sindh For your quick reminder the following is the detail of projects currently running in Sindh. Moringa Plantation in […]

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Gypsi Mela At Pilac Lahore

Every year “The International Day for Children”  held on the 20th of November. Godh organization also celebrates children day and organize Gypsi Mela every year. This year the mela was held at PILAC near Qaddafi Stadium on the 28th of November.  GCO was also invited to attend this worth visiting […]

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Free Plantation of Moringa Trees at Eden Cottages

  Its 5th of October the ideal season for Moringa plantation.  GCO never miss a chance to promote Moringa. This time GCO decided to benefit people by offering them free Moringa plants. Not only this but the entire team of GCO went out and plant Moringa in many surrounding houses […]

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